Thursday, May 26, 2005

Scrollers And Affiliate Classrooms..

Two marketing aids have caught my eye over the past few days..

You've seen many of these around the web - little boxes that scroll text across or down a small window. Often, they are used as news tickers and the like. I've actually got one that gives fresh marketing tips every day: Marketing Tipster.

But a new scroller device has recently come to my attention: Scroller Controller. This allows you to include images as well as text. And you can even incorporate an RSS feed. I shall definitely be looking at this in more detail over the next few weeks or so.

Affiliate Classroom:
Many, many people struggle to earn pitifully small amounts of money by acting as an affiliate for another business. Yes, the rewards can be substantial if you (a) work hard at it and (b) know how to work it.

No-one can teach you how to work hard! But affiliate marketing skills can be acquired.

There's no shortage of eBooks and the like which claim to show you how to make a fortune as an affiliate. They often don't deliver!

But I've been having a look at a new resource: Affiliate Classroom. This is a members-only website, and the material in the "classroom" is the highest quality I've ever seen.

You can test drive it for $1 and at the same time, get their members-only newsletter. Have a look at it here.


Karla Goble said...

Hi Ian,
I just wanted to add my recommendation for Affiliate Classroom. My favorite parts of the membership are the step-by-step tutorials, the interviews with experts, and their fabulous monthly magazine that really helps me keep current with WHAT's working now, WHY it's working, and HOW to do it!
I think Affiliate Classroom is a great site for anyone who is just starting out in affiliate marketing. Their staff is young and energetic and they do a lot for their members... but you still have to WORK THE STEPS!

Ian Traynor said...

Karla - thanks for that. You've reminded me.. time to dive back into Affiliate Classroom and have a look around the "Software and Scripts" area. I'm a bit of a software junkie!