Wednesday, May 25, 2005

How To Make Voice Mail Sell For You

With most people having voice mail systems installed at their desks, there's a chance that when you try to get through to a prospect, you'll get through to an answering machine instead. Here's how to turn this sales curse into a sales blessing.

Judging by the messages that most sales people leave on my voice mail system, it's clear that many sales people regard this as a 'dead call'. All they do is leave their name and number, and expect me to call them.. without there being any incentive for me to do so.

What a missed chance! Here's a chance for you to get over a clear, concise sales message, without being interrupted! Always have one ready scripted, so you're just waiting for that voice mail announcement. Here's a few hints for a script:

  • Make sure that it's got some clear benefits with which the prospect can identify.
  • Give the prospect some evidence of other people enjoying the benefits - if you can mention a well-known name as your customer, so much the better.
  • Make your message a little mysterious. Give enough information to want to call you - but not too much.
  • Give your telephone number clearly, at least twice in your message (no-one likes replaying voice mail).
  • Give them a date and time when "I'll be waiting for your call" Sound enthusiastic, without going over the top - and speak clearly at all time.
  • Don't forget to mention the prospect's name clearly, at least once.
So, get your script ready, and wait eagerly for that first voice mail response!

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