Monday, May 23, 2005

Call Me Paranoid But..

I've been a professional Webmaster for 10 years now. And you won't believe the mistakes that I've made in the past. I've been preyed upon by:

  • Spammers: I put numerous 'open' email addresses on my websites. And I've been spammed to hell since then. Just 10 of these email addresses have had 250,000 emails in the past 12 months.
  • Affiliate Commission Thieves: I've been promoting other people's products as an affiliate for many years. And my commission levels were so low that I thought I'd been poor in my prom.otion. Wrong! 'Commission Hijack Thieves' had been stripping out my affiliate links and substituting their own.
  • Website Content Thieves: I've been very fre.e and open putting articles and advice on my Marketing Magic website, and some villains have been 'framing' my pages and making it look as though my content was their content. And there's been even worse content theft.
  • Product Download Thieves: I've been making some very good value sales offers, only to find that thieves have been by-passing my payment system and stealing the products that I've been selling.

Hey, don't get me wrong.. I'm not accusing you of any of these crimes! I'm just having a general moan about these rogues.

But I've done more than just moan. As H.G.Wells (or was it Richard Burton?) said in "War Of The Worlds":

Slowly, surely, I've drawn my plans against them

I've fought back. And I'm winning. I'm using a range of tools which enable me to take control of my online security. Now I have:

  • Put a contact email address on any web page, without it ever being harvested by the spam bots.
  • Set up special affiliate links to any of my affiliate programs - in seconds - which prevent affiliate hijack thieves from stealing the commission which is rightfully mine.
  • Implemented various devices which reduce (note: just reduce, not eliminate) content thieves stealing text and images from my many websites. You can never prevent content theft 100%, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
  • Stopped the download thieves dead in their tracks. No longer can villains get their hands on my products without paying for them.

Yes, full-strength paranoia! But do you blame me? Now you can share my paranoia! Introducing..

Web Protect Pro
I've now developed tools to enable any webmaster (or webmistress) to get the same level of online security that I enjoy. They're being sold as a package: "Web Protect Pro", and I've tried to keep the package at an affordable level.

It's likely that I will be adding to this package over the coming months, and existing customers will get free upgrades.

You can view all the details of Web Protect Pro here

My usual satisfaction guarantee of course applies!

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