Sunday, May 29, 2005

Payment Processors - New Developments?

ClickBank ("CB"), one of the leading payment processing companies and with a great affiliate payment system, have just announced that in July, PayPal ("PP") will be added as one of their payment options (in addition to the various credit card options).

This is interesting. I've been giving my customers the option of choosing either CB or PP to buy my products. This means that I have to set up, for each product, two payment links and two download pages. On the face of it, CB's announcement should be good news for me.

But is it? Yes and no!

Yes - it will save me time and, when I set up my affiliate scheme (coming soon), it will help me to avoid the complications of paying my affiliates when a customer pays through PP.

But there's two "no's":

  • I prefer people paying me through PP; their charges are lower than CB's
  • I get paid instantly through PP. The new CB scheme will mean that CB get paid instantly through PP. I still have to wait for my 15-day check from CB.
Hey ho - it's swings and roundabouts time again!

I've got some thinking to do :-)

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